Who we are

We are an environmentally conscious company based in Michigan, that produces wide plank hardwood floors with unique textures, colors and exceptional quality finishes. With generations of experience in the hardwood flooring industry, we manufacture and produce exceptional, handcrafted wood floors. Our wood resources are professionally and responsibly sourced to yield some of the most remarkable wood floors in the world. We are proud of keeping traditions in wide plank floor manufacturing alive, while incorporating cutting edge technologies and a modern production process that guarantees a high quality result, starting from the raw materials to the finished products.


At Everlast Floors, we strive to make each wood floor special. Our goal is to perfect your residential or commercial environment through projecting your personality and style into your flooring choice.


We believe that excellence should be a combined effort. Using artisanal crafting practices with your guidance is what truly makes our service unique.


  • Responsibility and equity - this is how we relate to our customers and business partners. We do our best to manufacture and offer quality products and services that satisfy all the people we do business with: our clients, our partners, our employees, and our community.

  • Quality - this is the main attribute of our unique wide plank floors, and is the characteristic that ultimately ensures customer satisfaction and pride in owning these special artisan-made products in their homes and offices.

  • Eco-friendly solutions - we are especially careful in preserving the environment! We respect the ecological standards and therefore we are respected in our community as a reliable and trustworthy partner, that provides natural and warm ambient in the living spaces of our customer using only natural and ecological materials.